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CIDAN Machinery Group includes nuIT GmbH in the Group

CIDAN Machinery Group, a well-known producer of superior sheet metal machinery, is proud to announce the addition of 100% of the Austrian company nuIT GmbH, effective as of December 20th, 2018.

nuIT develops web-based solutions designed for the sheet metal industry. The different products can be used by roofers, metal trim shops and large industrial companies to optimize their production and overall their whole company processes. In a first step, profiles can be drawn and entered quickly and simply from any place (e.g. directly from the building site). Then, the data is immediately available at the office and the production together with the corresponding documents and can be sent straight to the production machines. 

With all that, all the needs of the industry 4.0 can be fulfilled.

CIDAN Machinery Group today produces machines in Götene, Sweden, in the segments of power folders and guillotine shears as well as one coil processing machine under the Göteneds and CIDAN brand names. The Forstner company in the group produces a broad portfolio of coil processing machines for the industrial, roofer´s and architectural sheet metal market in its factory in Feldkirch, Austria.

CIDAN Machinery Group follows up the successful acquisition of Austrian Forstner one year ago by now adding nuIT into the group. CIDAN Machinery Group have collaborated with nuIT for more than two years and already is distributor of their software products in North America and Scandinavia. nuIT’s groundbreaking software products and application projects provides the CIDAN Machinery Group with a strong platform for the Industry 4.0 requirements. Also, the developers and project managers at nuIT gives us added opportunities to serve our customers with automated lines containing our own and partner’s machines.

Founder and Managing Director of nuIT, Gerhard Resch, will remain in the company nuIT and supports the complete group also thanks to his strong background within sheet metal manufacturing. Gerhard Resch comments on why they join CIDAN Machinery Group as “the long-time collaboration proved that we could trust CIDAN to be a partner for bringing our software products and services out on the global market. With complementary products our companies make a perfect fit and the combination will strengthen the ability to invest in product development towards industry 4.0”.

The two companies have collaborated since 2016 when CIDAN Machinery was given the exclusive rights to sell the nuIT products in North America and Scandinavia. The synergies of the companies will be noticed especially within the important areas of product development, aftermarket support and not least, within sales and marketing. nuIT should however keep an open interface to other manufacturers machines and continue much in the same way as today.

The group headquarter is in Götene, Sweden, under the legal name of CIDAN Machinery Sweden AB. The four current brand names of Göteneds, CIDAN, Forstner and nuIT will be kept. CIDAN Machinery Group will now have own locations throughout Sweden (two locations), Austria (two locations), Denmark, the U.S and China. Through an extensive dealer and agent network the combined product range and services will be sold all over the world. The U.S. is the single largest market and thereafter Germany and Sweden. The group will have a net revenue of 430 MSEK (42 m€) and about 190 employees.

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