Motorized decoiler

CIDAN motorized decoiler ROTOCOIL is a unique innovation with an intelligent and clean design, where all parts are placed inside the machine, in order to prevent any damages in heavy industrial environments.

  • ROTOCOIL communicates with the Cut to length / slitting line, to ensure a smooth and fast production. The motor is frequency controlled and the decoiler reaches a speed of maximum 45 meters per minute.
  • The hydraulic mandrel has four support plates to maintain a perfect round coil shape during expansion. The mandrel is equipped with hydraulic wedges to keep the coil tight to the mandrel during the whole decoiling process.
  • The ultrasonic loop control sensor measure the distance from floor to the loop and make sure the decoiler will start and stop decoiling smoothly.





    Motorized decoiler
    Model Coil weight Motors Coil width Coil diameter
    kg (lbs) kW (hp) mm (") Inside mm (") Outside mm (")
    Rotocoil 5-15 5000 (11000) 3 (4) 1550 (61) 436-546 (17.2-21.4) 1300 (51)
    Rotocoil 10-15 10000 (22000) 7.5 (10) 1550 (61) 475-585 (18.7-23.0) 1500 (59)