Options CTL

Options CTL

All our lines can be fitted with a slitting unit that consists of upper and lower rolling knives. The unit can be equipped with 1-8 pair of slitting knives (1-6 COMPACT) The slitting unit can be activated or deactivated by moving the upper knives up or down via a handle.

Compact knivesProfi and Turbo knives

The knives on our slitting units are easily adjusted and they all have two cutting edges to double the lifespan. The knives are made of high quality steel and they are precision grinded and hardened for accurate slitting. 

Adding protective foil



Device for adding protective foil on top side and / or lower side of the material (ordered separately) This device is equipped with a brake, in order to adjust the tension and is mainly for sensitive material.




FootpedalFOOTPEDAL for remote control of feeding. This is to simplify the process och changing coil