CIDAN cut to length line COMPACT is a fully automatic line with a compact construction for coil widths 1250 mm (49"). No other manufacturer can beat the quality and accuracy of the cut and slit pieces in a line of this size. With COMPACT productivity can be drastically increased by programming different lengths and pieces and the use of material will be optimized with much less scrap. 

  • COMPACT has a straightening unit with 5 rolls and the cut to length is done by a motorized mechanical shear.
  • The LineLink CNC control with color touch screen gives you the possibility to store many programs as well as a library of coils.
  • COMPACT is prepared and can be fitted with a slitting unit and multiple slitting knives.
  • COMPACT will handle pre-painted sheets and other sensitive materials. It also minimizes schratches and marks on the surface.
  • As standard, COMPACT is operated from the left side, but can be supplied in "right side operation" in order to satisfy the individual space requirements.    





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Model Working length Material thickness Speed Motors Weight
mm (") Steel
mm (ga)
Stainless Steel
mm (ga)
mm (")
m/min (feet/min) kW (hp) kg (lbs)
COMPACT 12 1250 (49) 1.25 (18) 0.75 (24) 1.75 (0.069) 15 (37) 1.5 (2) 1500 (3307)
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