The Manual operation mode is used for:

  • Manual feeding of material in both directions
  • Manual clean cut
  • Choose coil from library
  • Set length for single cut
  • Choose language, metric/imperial and other regional settings


The Automatic operation mode is used for:LineLink

  • Writing a program by selection of cutting length and quantity
  • Each program can have several lengths and quantities in combination
  • Single or automatic mode
  • Storing of programs in a large memory bank
  • Reverse function for cutting aluminium


Coil libraryLineLink coil library

  • Storing of different coils (own or customer related). Enter coil width, weight, length, colour, quality, thickness etc. per coil
  • By entering the length of material in a coil, the automatic calculation processor will advise whether a coil has sufficient material for a certain program


Backup restoreLineLink coil library

  • This screen mode is used when doing back up of programs, parameters and coil library on a memory stick