Options Folding


 We can offer a custom overall solution with a robot to the folding machine.


Squaring armSquaring arm

Makes positioning of large and narrow parts easier. Available in two lengths 1500 mm (59") and 3000 mm (118") for left and/or right side. (Not for EGS)



Ball transfers

Facilitates positioning och large parts and reduces risk of scratching the material. Ball transfers are included as standard on AGS and SBG back gauge.



Moveable foot switch on rail

Simplifies movement of the foot switch. Appropriate when folding is done on several places along the working width of the machine. Especially recommended if the machine is equipped with Multifold. Also, great safety feature when bolted to the floor. When operator engages foot pedal, they are away from the upcoming folding beam.


Tool cartTool cart

For storage of divided tools. Decreases the risk of damages on the tools and facilitates tool changes for the operator. It is possible to store divided rails on the cart and there is room for hand tools for the operators and machine instructions. The cart is equipped with lockable wheels and pull handles. Especially recommended if the machine is equipped with Multifold.

Laser safety scanner

When operating from the front, the scanner protects in two zones since it allows different opening heights depending on where the operator is. When operating from the rear of machine, the machine automatically stops if a person moves into the safety area in front of the machine.


Off-line software for ProLink XProLink profile

If you are programming in the office you can use the off-line software on the computer.