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Combi beamCombi beam

We invented and patented the rotating Combi beam back in 1987, which is known for fast automatic tool changes. The first advantage you will realize is how extremely easy and fast tools can be changed. You will also notice the generous space around the tools. When folding large parts from the back of the machine, you will have an abundance of free space behind the clamping beam and tools. Mechanical locking of the combi beam and a mechanical tooling lock makes it exceptionally easy to change tools. The Combi beam offers flexibility like no other tooling system, appropriate when folding all types of parts; boxes, trays, complex profiles and special applications. The tool change is programmed in the control system, when it is time to change tools the upper beam will automatically raise to its maximum height and the automatic rotation maneuver is initiated by the operator via the foot pedal.  

Quick change tooling on Combi
Quick change toolingQuick change toolingQuick change tooling

With the Combi beam you get CIDAN's unique quick change 1/4 turn tooling, allows for a fast tool change while keeping the tool secure when set in place. (Valid for FORMA, PROLINO and PRO)



Divided tooling for maximum flexibility!
Multifold tooling system enables high precision forming with segmented tooling. Segmented tooling consists of upper, lower and folding beam tooling. The lower beam tool is segmented and together with a vertically adjusted back gauge (optional) you achieve maximum flexibility in each operation. This caters to parts that have flanges facing downwards into the machine. The folding beam rail is also segmented which allows the operator to bend weld tabs and parts with interrupted bend lines.
The Multifold tooling system is delivered with our Combi beam (model Megapro excepted).

Multifold is available with CIDAN folding machine models K25, FORMA, PRO and MEGAPRO.


Eccentric drive


A strong eccentric that almost eliminates wear, moves the clamping beam and gives the best possible opening and closing speeds. When clamping, the eccentric gives a very high clamping pressure, which is a great advantage when hemming.


  • High clamping pressure
  • Low maintenance
  • No oil
  • Low noise


Crowning is an important feature to obtain a perfectly folded part; therefore are all of our folding machines equipped with crowning. If the material is thick or thin, soft aluminium or hard stainless steel, short or long or if they should be folded in the middle of the machine or to the side, the results are always straight and correct. Depending on the machine model they are equipped with manually adjusted or automatic crowning.